Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Road Trip

Good Morning Father, I have sinned. It’s been three weeks since my last confession..…or blog post. Or more accurately about 6 weeks since I’ve written anything of substance. Work has been extremely ridiculous since I got back from vacation so I haven’t had as much free time as I needed to sit down and finally write a post.

On May 25th, my husband and I took our son and drove down to Omaha for a family reunion. It takes about 25 hours to drive there so we ended up stopping our first night in Great Falls, Montana and our second night in Rapid City, South Dakota. We’ve taken the trip before and had planned to spend a couple of days in Rapid City doing touristy stuff but it was raining the whole way down so we decided to push on and get to Omaha as quickly as possible. We got there on May 27th.

If any of you are thinking of spending three days in a car with a 15 month old, don’t. It was not pleasant. We specifically chose hotels that had pools so that we could get as much energy used up as possible before we headed out the next day. It worked for the first day. Unfortunately when we got to Rapid City, Connor had somehow gotten the flu. Thankfully we had already decided to leave the next day as I really pity the poor cleaning crew that had to deal with our room. We used a lot of towels. Thankfully Connor seemed ok the next morning so we headed out as planned and got to Omaha late afternoon.

By the next morning, my husband and father-in-law had come down with the flu as well. Followed the next day by my sister-in-law and her daughter. The worst parts of it only seemed to last for about 24 hours and most of the people were feeling a lot better by Friday.

Most of the week we spent in Omaha was great. We made it to the Henry Doorly Zoo, the botanical gardens, the children’s museum, and to a photographer to get some great family photos.

Having learned from our trip on the way down, we decided to stop by 2 or 3 pm everyday so that Connor could get a lot of exercise in. This made the trip home four days. We finally rolled back into Edmonton on June 6th. While we love road trips, I think we will definitely be flying the next time we head down. 3-4 days in a car son was just a little too much for our son. I think we’ll keep road trips to less than a day away.

As for the Diabetes front, my BG’s were actually amazing. It was a little shocking actually considering we ate out almost the entire trip. I’m talking about McDonald’s, Culver’s (mmmmm…butter buns), pizza ranch, you name it, if it was bad for you we probably ate there. I became very familiar with my dual wave feature on my pump and apparently am now super pro. Yay Me! We also did a ton of walking though as you can probably tell from all the activities above. I’m betting that had some to do with it. It just goes to show that exercise really does stabilize your BG’s. Now I just need to figure out how to add in more activities to my everyday life.

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  1. That whole trading of the flu happened to my family when we went on holidays together last year. It was pretty awful. My niece and then brother in law and then it was my turn the day we were driving home. South Carolina to Toronto!
    oh and then it was my nephews turn.
    Sounds like a great trip nevertheless. (Thanks for blog comment :P)