Monday, July 22, 2013

#DBlogCheck - and other news

I recently just found out about this great idea by Chris at a Consequence of Hypoglycemia. On July 22, 2013 (today) you should post a comment on every blog you read to let bloggers know that you were there. If you don’t have anything specific to say than just say “Check!”. I tend to lurk quite a lot on other blogs but love reading them so this gives reminds me that bloggers really appreciate knowing that others are reading their blogs.
Now onto my news….As usual it’s been extremely crazy around here.

  • My mom has been planning on moving out here for quite some time and has now made the move. She drove out from Montreal a couple of weeks ago after selling her house and within two days of getting here had put in an offer on a great house 15 min from my place. She takes possession on August 1st and should be completely moved in by the 15th. I love having her so close!
  • After 16 months, I think I’m finally getting this motherhood thing down. Which is great as I have been neglecting my crafting like crazy. I’ve finally picked out a quilt pattern for Connor and will be heading tonight to pick out some fabrics. I can’t wait to get started. I’ll be posting pics of the finished product so stay tuned.
  • My BG’s for the last 24hours have been extremely weird. I changed my set yesterday morning at 9am and my BG was 8.5. It then rose to 13.8 at noon. 9.7 at 2:30. 5.9 at 5:30. 5.2 at 7:20. 11.6 at 10pm and at 11:30pm it was 9.3. When I woke up this morning it was 16.4 and now it’s 20.1. I’ve been taking some serious correction blouses but they don’t seem to be getting them down. I have a feeling I have a bad site but I’m so reluctant to change it was my BG’s around dinner were fabulous. I think I’ll wait until lunch and see if I can get it in the normal range. I hate wasting a new set.
  • There are so many wonderful things happening in the city right now and I can’t wait to get out and participate. I’ll try to post a little more frequently for the rest of the summer so that I can share it all with you. Have a great day!


  1. Oh how I hate wasting a new set too But change that sucker out - hopefully it will solve your bg problems and you'll feel much better. (But if not, I'll feel really bad for making you waste a new set.)

  2. Major perk of #dblogcheck: I found your blog! :)

  3. You are quite the awesome pwdmama!
    And wasting a new set sucks!

  4. I hope that you figured out if it was a bad set! That sounds lovely having your mom move close :)