Diabetes Glossary

There's so many terms that diabetics use that most people aren't familiar with so I thought I would try to keep a running list of them here so that people can refer back to it.

A1C - blood test that shows your average blood glucose level over the last 3 months.

Basal - Background Insulin delivered every few minutes throughout the day if you're on an insulin pump

BG - Blood Glucose. I test my BG's at least 8 times a day and usually more.

Bolus - Insulin dose given for meals. I calculate it based on the carbohydrates that I'm eating.

Canula - The plastic tube that is left under the skin to deliver insulin. It's attached to the infusion set
CDE - Certified Diabetes Educator

CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitor. Mine is through my insulin pump and measures BG readings every 5 minutes. I don't have it hooked up as my insurance doesn't cover the sensors and they are extremely expensive.
DOC - Diabetic Online Community

Endo - Endocrinologist

Glucometer - Device used to measure blood glucose. Often referred to as my "meter".

Hypoglycemia - Low Blood Sugar

Hyperglycemia - High Blood Sugar

Infusion Set - This attaches my pump to me and is what the insulin goes through
Ketones - Fatty acid build-up in the blood and urine when you're body is not getting enough sugar (in my case, when i have super high BG's).

Lancet - This is used to poke your finger in order to get blood for testing your BG's

mmol/l - measurement used in Canada of glucose in the blood and should be between 4-7

mg/dl - measurement used in US of glucose in the blood and should be between 64-104

PWD - Person With Diabetes

Sensor - the device inserted under the skin that transmits the readings wirelessly to a CGM.
Strips - Used with the the meter to get a BG reading by putting blood at the end.

Temp Basal - A percentage of regular basal for a short period of time.

Vampire Canula - when the canula decides to suck some of your blood into itself therefor giving you awfully high blood sugars.

This list is by no means extensive so i will be updating as I think of more.

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