Thursday, May 9, 2013

Insurance Problems

Most of the time my insurance is really great; but there are times, like today, when I really want to much them in the face.

This morning I received a lovely email telling me that my latest claim for pump supplies had been processed and I should see the money in my account within the next 24-48 hours. As you can imagine, I was very excited as this claim covered three months of supplies totally about $700 that desperately needs to go on my credit card to avoid more interest charges. I'm a little bit of a procrastinator. Thankfully my insulin, glucose strips, lancets, etc are all automatically covered and the pharmacy sends the claim directly to my insurance so I'm never out of money up front. For some reason though, my insurance insists that I mail in my claim for my infusion sets and reservoirs and then get reimbursed.

Anyway getting back to today's claim, as soon as I saw the email, I went onto the website to confirm and saw this:
What do you mean it's not covered? It's been covered for for years but now you've decided it's not covered AGAIN? This has actually happened to me a few times. The first time was last year. In January of 2012, we went through some internal changes at my Company and as a result, our benefits ended up being "restarted" (which allowed me to get a brand new insulin pump). It also meant that there was some confusion about my pump supplies. I ended up getting my benefits department involved to clarify the matter. The second time, I thought I would try submitting it online to see if I could get reimbursed quicker. Didn't work. Apparently the supplies have to be submitted through the mail so they see the original copies. This time I submitted everything through the mail and assumed that everything was fine. I was of course wrong and as soon as I saw the above, proceeded to call.

In the end everything is fine and off course they're covered but why do we constantly have to deal with this shit?

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  1. funny, we have sunlife through the federal government (public service) and all our supplies are covered up front at the pharmacy level.