Friday, August 13, 2010

New Infusion Site

Yesterday, I put my infusion set into my thigh for the first time.

I have always been a faithful abdomen user even when I was doing manual injections. Switching it down to my thigh is a huge deal for me. Lately my stomach has been looking like a road map of needle holes and I thought it might be nice to give the poor thing a break. I had an appointment with my CDE last week where I finally asked her about other options for sites. Right away she mentioned the thigh. She also mentioned the back of my arm, my lower back, and my bum. The thought of all four places gave me butterflies but the thigh probably presents the least amount of issues.

So when I went home for lunch yesterday, I dropped my pants and inserted into my left thigh. Surprisingly, it did not hurt as bad as I thought it would.

When I entered in my lunch bolus, I could actually feel coldness spreading down my thigh from my site. It was the weirdest feeling and probably all in my head. I could hear my tummy give a sigh of relief. Normally I clip my pump onto my bra mainly due to an unfortunate episode of pulling down my pants to use the washroom and pulling out my infusion set. The bra placement ensures that all of my pump stuff is above the waste and although I have not had another unfortunate incident I have had a couple incidents where my tubing ended up wrapped buttons. Those didn’t end badly thankfully due to my super quick reflexes. :-) Now with my site on my leg, it feels a lot different to have a pump in my pocket.

My blood sugars have definitely been interesting. Two hours after lunch yesterday my blood sugar was 11.7 mmol/L. I didn’t bolus right away cause I wanted to see what happened. By dinner it was at a respectable 7.3. Two hours later, 7.4. Unfortunately things started going downhill at about 10:30pm when I had a low. And then another at 1am. This morning I woke up with a hefty 9.7. My after meal, 16.7. Of course this led me to rage bolus a hefty 3 units of insulin. By lunch my blood sugars had barely moved to 15.9. Thankfully when I bolused for lunch, I must have hit the right amount cause my blood sugar is finally trending downwards to 8.3. We’ll see how it goes at dinner.

I think still going to give it a week or so on my thigh just to see how things go. Hopefully my body will get used to it.

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